Emily Kupser - Maple Ridge, BC
You just made everything so accommodating, the entire experience has been super awesome. It's been really stressful especially in a pandemic but this is the least amount of worrying that I've had to do and I'm super happy with everything. Thank you so much!

Nicki Seriani - Maple Ridge, BC
Hi Christy!  You said you wanted to see my dress, it was perfect all the alterations were absolutely spot on!!! Thank you again for your patience with me and detail on the alterations!! Our wedding was perfect, Thank you again so much!

Stella Morrow - Maple Ridge, BC
Your jewelry and designs are stunning! I'm over the moon about my wedding dress! It exceeds all my expectations. And I'm wearing it in two days! Thank you Parisian Lady custom design & fit boutique for making a dreamy dress and for making every fitting a moment to remember. I'm so glad I decided to get my dress made here. THANK YOU!

Emmaline Holtz/McVeigh - Maple RIdge, BC
Hi!! I got my wedding dress from you in february. We had our wedding last night! Just wanted to thank you for the incredible dress and helping make my dream wedding come true. Thank you again for helping me feel like a princess in my dress!
 Xoxo Cheers ❤️💍

Katy Donkersloot - Vancouver Island, BC
Hi Christy! I got married July 22nd in my moms beautiful dress that you made for me! I'm attaching some pictures if you'd like to see it. Also if you haven't put it on your website yet, feel free! ...thought you may want some pictures. And thanks again I loved it!! 

Victoria-Rose Hunt - Bella Coola, BC
Christy is absolutely amazing! I live in a very small town without a seamstress and got married in the Vancouver area. I had contacted many seamstresses but Christy was the only one that was able to guarantee the job with the tight one week time frame. When I tried on the dress for the first time since ordering it in her shop, we found out it was ordered much larger than it should have been. She was not only able to still finish the job in the time frame, but made it look like the dress was always the perfect size, and even added some detail around the neckline, all with a smile on her face. I can't recommend her highly enough!

Celina Seib - Langley, BC - Celina Seib Make-up artist 
Hi Christy, Way back in April you altered my (online purchased) wedding gown. I got married on November 12 and the dress fit perfectly. I got so many compliments and I can't thank you enough for altering the front neckline (especially with all those hard to work with sequins and beads) so that it fit my torso/neckline perfectly.
You also added two darts and added some extra stitching so the fabric would lay flat along some of the seam/edges. Your work was beautifully done, Thanks again for custom fitting my gown to me! 

Anita Perler - Maple Ridge, BC
I have been meaning to write a review for some time now and am finally finding the time to do so. I have to say this lady is amazing. I was getting so frustrated with finding a dress to fit right for my daughter’s wedding. Thankfully, Christy came to the rescue and did some wonderful alterations to make me truly be happy with my dress. Her service and talent is wonderful. So much so, I ended up getting another dress altered, a favorite dress duplicated, and then purchased a couple of dresses based from her samples. Fall is here, and I think it is time to go back and get my Fall wardrobe updated. I’m so very happy to know we have such a talented professional right here in our city of Maple Ridge….. No need to go to downtown Vancouver to get the quality clothing you need!

Vanessa Vollering - Pitt Meadows, BC
Hi Christy, I just wanted to send you a photo of your veil in action at the wedding. It was absolutely gorgeous, thanks again!

Cindy Austin - Pitt Meadows, BC
Hi Christy, Thanks for doing such an amazing alteration on my dress. I sent a picture to my step daughter and she loved it. She wants me to wear it to her wedding. My hubby loved it too!!! Thanks again. Cindy

Julie Johnstone - Maple Ridge, BC
I love this top! So comfortable. Thanks Christy

Samantha Daskis - Maple Ridge, BC
The cap sleeves were definitely the right decision! The dress was so comfortable and I was able to dance the night away. It was perfect!

Gilma Johnston - Port Coquitlam, BC 
Thanks Christy for the amazing dress! It felt amazing, you did such a wonderful job. I am so excited to wear it over and over. Loved the bridal lace, corset back and details on the straps. The bride loved it too! I was so worried but didn't have to be, I was in great hands. Thank you for an amazing dress!

Kelly Gilbert - Maple Ridge, BC
Christy, it would not be enough to simply thank you for the amazing work you put into this beautiful creation. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to help me find my style and to make me feel beautiful. You are an amazing person, and I'm so thankful I stopped in for a hem! 

Anita Scaccia - Maple Ridge, BC
Thank you so much Christy! I love love love this skirt and will get so much wear out of it along with that top!

Jessica Kuyek - Maple Ridge, BC
Hi Christy, I just got my photos back. Here is a picture for you and thank you so much for the hard work. Everyone thought the dress looked amazing. :D The link to the website for more pictures is: http://www.ellahausphotography.com/illuminate-restaurant-delta-wedding/ You are amazing, truly!!!!! xo Thank you again, Jessica

Britney Mammel - Abbotsford, BC
Hi Christy! As promised, here are some pictures of my remade dress. Thanks again! I absolutely loved it and got so many compliments. It was a truly unique dress - exactly what I wanted. 
Sincerely, Britney 

Lacey-Lee Evin - Maple Ridge, BC
Hey Christy, I loved my dress, Thanks for doing such a great job!

Jennifer Querques - Maple Ridge, BC
Hi Christy! Happy New Year to you too! The dress was a hit! My aunts who were also in my mom's wedding party were shocked, they loved it :) I have had so many compliments on how unique it was. Thank you so much for making it possible and for your talent! Thanks so much again Christy!

Lisa Sammartino - Langley, BC
Christy, Thank you so much for making me look so beautiful on my special day. It meant so much to be able to share my Mother-In-Law's dress and you made that happen. Thank you so much.

Katie MacGougan - Coquitlam, BC
Hey Christy, just wanted to thank you again for creating such a beautiful and one of a kind dress for my wedding day. Although it did rain, there was sunshine in our hearts and happiness all around. I attached a couple pictures for you to see. Thanks again :)

Natalie Thornhill - Pitt Meadows, BC
Hi Christy, Thanks again for doing my dress alterations. I love what you did with my dress. As promised, please find attached a picture of the back of my dress before with the train and the missing modesty panel. Have a great vacation. Cheers!

Kelly-Anne Bazlik - Maple Ridge, BC
Hi Christy, I just wanted to send you a picture of the dress on the big day! As you can see it is absolutely beautiful and I was so happy with it. As we expected everyone thought the bow/flower was amazing. I really appreciate your patience and willingness to work with me on such short notice. It was an amazing day and I have so many amazing pictures in this gorgeous dress! Thank you for making our day perfect!!

Fiona Hutchinson - Maple Ridge, BC
Hi Christy, as promised here are some photos of my dress….it looked great and was very comfortable. Thanks! 

Brodie Turner - Maple Ridge, BC
Hey Christy! ...I didn't forget! :) Thank you so much again, for this dress! It was stunning and I got sooooo many compliments on it! I had people telling me all day and night that my dress was their favourite! I even had quite a few strangers come up to me and say how much they loved my dress! They loved how classic and elegant it was! Which was what I was going for! I could not have come up with a better dress myself Christy! It fit perfectly and made me feel so beautiful and refined. Thanks again! 

Martine Van Der Heever - Maple Ridge, BC
My dress is fabulous! I love it! 

Megan Clemis - Mission, BC
I love the dress so much! I took the dress in liking it but wanting to improve it, and you definitely did that. The lace and back look exactly the way I picture them in my head. 
Thank you so much!

Donna Haworth - Surrey, BC
I am so impressed with Christy's dedication, hardwork, creativity, great attitude, strong motivation and beautiful products!

Jennifer Gardener - Maple Ridge, BC
What I appreciated most about your place was how accomodating you were and how creative and unique your clothing is. I had such a great experience and loved the laid-back atmosphere. I would highly recommend anyone to come and check your place out!

Catrin Hughes - Burnaby, BC
Christy is a wonderful business person. She not only provided a very professional service, but did so while making me feel extremely comfortable! Thanks!

Kristine Olsen - Maple Ridge, BC
I was very pleased to find someone of Christy's talents in Maple Ridge. I shop locally whenever possible and prefer to support small business whenever possible.

Marnie Young - Maple Ridge, BC
Great customer service. Workmanship is very detailed and precise. Would highly recommend!

Melyssa Schmidt - Maple Ridge, BC
A girl that knows what she is doing!

Ryan Bogusinski - Mission, BC
I am absolutely amazed by the service I received and the product that was produced. I was served with professionalism and enthusiasm! I would recommend you to anyone! 

Carla Common - Coquitlam, BC
I feel really hot, this is just so amazing Christy I can't wait to wear this for Christmas!   

Kari-Lee Welch - Mission, BC
Thanks Christy, you did a fantastic job on my tops!

Sharon Salomons - Mission, BC
Hello Christy
I’ve been meaning to send you these for a while!  It turned out to be a gorgeous day (one of the few sunny days that we actually had) and everything went smoothly.  Thanks again for making me such a beautiful dress that I felt beautiful in!

Karen & Kristina Clayton - Coquitlam, BC
I have attached a couple graduation pictures of Kristina for you. We thank you again for your amazing talent in creating Kristina's Graduation Dress.  Kristina looked so beautiful and she absolutely loves the dress. Thank you Again!

Christina Sanders/BlueBird Nutrition(bluebirdnutrition.ca) - Maple Ridge, BC
My dresses are fabulous, I love them! Parisian Lady is my favorite little boutique in all of Maple Ridge!....also, just wanted to tell you I absolutely love the pink pants, jae calls them my coco chanel pants :) :)  There great with my super shoes! Thanks for making such beautiful things,your workmanship is commendable.

Alexandra Krenus - Langley, BC
I love my dress, it's exactly what I wanted! Thanks Christy!

Carla Common - Port Coquitlam, BC
I feel glamorous & fun, it feels like I'm on the Red Carpet....where's Entertainment Weekly! 

Amanda Brown - Burnaby, BC
Hi Christy, How are you?
I hope your wedding was fabulous... Mine was great but a complete blur.  :)
I wanted to say thank you for all of your hard work on my dress... it was absolutely gorgeous.

Pamela McKee - Vancouver, BC
I wanted to thank you again for the gorgeous work you did to my mother's wedding dress.  The dress was an absolute hit at our wedding.  My aunt (who also wore the original dress) was crying so hard she had to leave the room.  You were able to turn an ugly little dress into a gesture so meaningful for my family.  The honour of wearing my mother's dress was made possible by your handiwork and I can't be more grateful to have found such an outstanding artist to do the work.  I'm sending along a couple photos so you can see the dress in all it's splendor. 
Thank you again!

Christine Charbonneau - Vancouver, BC
I just want to say thanks again, and how amazing you did on the dress. Hope all is well!

Melissa Johnson - Kelowna, BC
Christy, I just want to let you know that everything fits great!! The jeans are fabulous!! They fit perfect! The Jean skirt is great and I have gotten so many people asking where I got the lace top!  Thank you so much for coming up and also making it all!

I love Christy's clothes! I look and feel fabulous in them! Whenever I am wearing a piece of her clothing I get so many compliments and asked where I got them! Thanks Christy!

Kelly Franchuk - Maple ridge, BC
I got sooooo many compliments on the dress!!!! People loved it!! Thanks again so much.....xoK

Paula Godden - New Westminster, BC
Christy, I think it was fate that I found you.  Finding clothes that fit me is hard enough but finding exactly what I like is nearly impossible.  It doesn't matter what I see in the stores it's never quite right.  I don't know how you manage to do it but you take my ideas in all their jumbled glory and bring them to life.  Lord knows it requires tons of patience because I am so picky, but the pieces you have created for me are stunning, I get compliments on them all the time and they make me feel beautiful and sexy!  The fabrics you use are amazing they look great and feel even better, you are the definition of class and quality.  I know when I'm wearing one of your designs I'm looking my very best.  I can't thank you enough for making me look like the rockstar I am!

Kim Marosevich - Pitt Meadows, BC
Hi Christy, very nice to meet you the other day and thanks so much for putting a rush on my "makeover" dress, I think it's going to be perfect for the wedding and I'm really glad I found you!

Kim Lien - Pitt Meadows, BC
Hi Christy, Just wanted to give you a better shot of the bolero you made me. You can see the sleeve detail a lot better. Thank you again for doing such beautiful work on such short notice! Hope you are doing well.

Summer Stewart - Port Moody, BC
Christy, thanks again, my corset and jeans turned out perfect for my birthday in Vegas!

Nikki - Surrey, BC
You made the most beautiful grad dress of my dreams, you made what I had imagined a fantasy come a reality for me!

Brianna Lake - Burnaby, BC
I'm in love, I can't believe you actually created my Sarah Brightman dress!

Christine Garretsen - Maple Ridge, BC
It was the most beautiful dress,  I really felt like a princess!

Stacey Fairfield - Vancouver, BC
Hi Christy! I'm back to work this week from the wedding festivities and it was just such a fabulous day. I got so many compliments on the dress("brilliant"!) and I just felt so happy in it.

Donna Haworth - Surrey, BC
You always make a quality garment for me that fits perfectly... the skirts, dresses, coat and even my wedding dress.....I feel like a million dollars wearing them!

Christina Magnusson- Abbotsford, BC
I couldn't have asked for anything more perfect, I wanted a fuchsia dress, and that's exactly what I got, love you dear!

Caroline LePage/Simplified Business Solutions(simplifiedbusiness.ca) - Maple Ridge, BC
I absolutely LOVE wearing my pants and dress,  Thank you!

Sabine Goetz - Port Moody, BC
It was really a pleasure to have something so beautifully made for me...thank you again!

Jacqueline Honour - Vancouver, BC
I felt absolutely beautiful!

Kady O'Connor - Coquitlam, BC
I'm nuts about Halloween, and this couldn't have better a better costume for me.... the 'Crown Royal' girl!

Trish Reddy - Port Coquitlam, BC
My pants & dress are great...it was good to have nice quality garments made, thank you again!

Janine Chew - Vancouver, BC
Hi Christy, firstly, a BIG Thank you for making Allison and my special day all the more beautiful than we could have imagined!  We couldn't have done it without your wonderful creativity and beautiful work.

Angela Charbonneau - Vancouver, BC
Hello Christy, I met you just over a year ago when I came in with my sister to have her wedding dress made. You did a fantastic job of recreating her design that I would like to see what you can do for me!

Val Berkenpas - Maple Ridge, BC
Thank you for your expertise on Altering Tina's wedding dress. She looked fabulous and the dress looked amazing!

Cheryl Sawchenko - Port Coquitlam, BC
Christy, Thank you very much for the beautiful work you did in making my Mother-of-the-Bride dress. I love it!

Carey Hudson - Maple Ridge, BC
Hi Christy, I wanted to wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year! I love the coat I wore it to dinner and a movie the other night and it feels very luxurious and I felt fabulous! Thank you again!

Brenda Battershill - Cache Creek, BC
Just to let you know I received my blouse today.  It fits really nice and I'm very pleased with it. Thank you.

Faye Morrison - Cache Creek, BC
Hey Christy, got the parcel today.  The clothes are lovely..I am loving them and Ken thinks they are pretty special too.  Thanks for your patience with me and I hope we can do business in the Fall when I am a little more focused again on my wardrobe. Thanks so much. 

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