Our Label + Philosophy

Sustainably Designed Wears with Heart + Soul

Our Label

Our designs are created with pure sustainability in mind. All of our pieces are made by hand in our Home Studio, designed, crafted, cut, hand-chiseled, sewn & finished with a whole lot of Love.

Our entire collection is inspired by all that surrounds us. The beauty of nature, the awe inspiring filled oceans, the celestial skies and from our pure love to create pieces that speak to the heart. Whether we make a few sizes of the same style or it's one of our exclusive one-of-a-kind designs, our attention is always on sustainability and in creating beautiful and unique pieces that will be treasured in one's wardrobe for many years to come.

We are consciously hand-crafted slow fashion, every one of our pieces of Clothing + Jewelry is individually created in our Studio from start to finish which we put our entire Heart + Soul into making!

Our Philosophy

We are a small business + believe in supporting small business which is why we source all our materials as locally as possible. While the majority of our designs are made of new materials, we try to re-purpose and up-cycle some materials such as vintage fabrics, trims, leathers and notions, each adding to and creating a unique story behind every design that comes out of our studio.

Our label is for those who believe in and want to be proactive in guiding our future in sustainability, through their wardrobes + lifestyle. Shop our collection for a unique piece that speaks to your Heart + Soul and feel the love!