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Our Philosophy

Sustainability + Our Philosophy

Sustainability + change is a journey we can ALL be a part of today, and here you will find us trying to make a difference, one design, one stitch, one 'Signature' heart on our clothing, spreading the hope for change towards SLOW FASHION, and our LOVE for quality, a sustainable future through conscious living, and conscious dressing, one design at a time.

Sustainability is about us taking responsibility for the imprint we make on the planet and finding a way to lessen our footprint and live in a more sustainable way.

Our label is directed and designed for all women who believe in and want to be proactive in guiding our future in sustainability, through their wardrobes + lifestyle.

By supporting small businesses and independent designers like us working to create higher quality and more sustainable products for our everyday lives, you help contribute towards a greater good for all of us impacted by all that surrounds us + helping to create a more sustainable living environment and healthier planet.

We hope to bring you much love + joy through our designs, created with 100% pure quality and craftsmanship and a zero waste mentality in keeping with our goal of being a truly sustainably driven clothing label you can trust.

Every purchase from our shop, every like, follow and share on our social feeds helps us grow, we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you, so thank you all!

XOXO, Christy