About Us


Our designs are created with pure sustainability in mind. All of our pieces are made by hand in our Home Studio, designed, crafted, cut, hand-chiseled, sewn & finished with a whole lotta L O V E.

Our collection is inspired by all that surrounds us. The beauty of nature, the awe inspiring filled oceans, the celestial skies and from our pure love to create pieces that speak to the heart. Whether we make a few sizes of the same style or it's one of our exclusive one-of-a-kind designs, our attention is always on sustainability and in creating beautiful and unique pieces that will be treasured in one's wardrobe for many years to come. We are consciously hand-crafted slow fashion, every one of our pieces of Clothing + Jewelry is individually created in our Studio from start to finish.

We are a small business + believe in supporting small business which is why we source all our materials as locally as possible. While the majority of our designs are made of new materials, we try to re-purpose and up-cycle some materials such as vintage fabrics, trims, leathers and notions, each adding to and creating a story behind every design that comes out of our studio.

Our label is for women who believe in and want to be proactive in guiding our future in sustainability, through their wardrobes + lifestyle.

Shop Christy McMaster for a unique piece that speaks to your Heart + Soul and feel the L O V E.



From as far back as she can remember, Christy loved fashion. As a little girl she remembers thinking every time she got a new barbie doll, "now, this just won't do, her clothes are all wrong", and wanting to change them to suit the doll. So, hence, out came the scissors, and the pins and whatever scraps of fabric her mom gave her. That led to her confiscating her mom's sewing machine from the time she could reach the sewing pedal, and never looked back. Her mom use to sew her clothing as a child and passed along the love of sewing, designing and creating beautiful things with her hands.

Christy really started designing + sewing not just for herself up to this point, but for others in 1997, and in 1998 she got accepted into the University of the Fraser Valley in Abbotsford, BC to study Fashion Design. She graduated in the year 2000 having all her skills finely tuned + ready to embrace the world of Women + Fashion.

If she could offer just one piece of advice when it comes to your own style, it's "Just do YOU", don't worry about everyone else and what they're doing, and most of all, just have FUN with it! There's no right or wrong, no good or bad, just interpretation, so build a wardrobe you LOVE, find yourself unique + interesting pieces that speak to YOU, because, there's only one of you + you are definitely more interesting just being uniquely you!